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Week 3 CJS Discussion Question 1 1 Due Date: Day 2 [ Main ] forum 2 Review Web sites: http://www.womenandpolicing.org/ and 3 http://www.iawp.org/. 4 Post your response to the following: How has the integration of women in 5 Policing affected society’s view on what policing is? 6 What are the positives to this integration? What are the negatives? Why must 7 the importance of women in policing not be 8 Overlooked? The website had a part about women and the use of force being a lot lower. I think this gives  society an opinion of a police force that uses communication and not physical force to solve  issues. Integrating women has giving more empathy into the force, and opened up different  points of view.  Women can look at a rape, or domestic violence case with more compassion  then a man and are able to discuss the situation and possible diffuse it in some circumstances.  Rape victims and child victims may feel more comfortable talking with a female officer also. I 
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Unformatted text preview: feel the negatives are in the same areas, as much as we like to say a woman can do anything a man can do and that we are all equal it’s just not always the case. I feel we should all be given the same opportunities and if a woman can do the job then she deserves the opportunity, but when it comes to physical force it’s mainly the male policemen that can handle themselves from an attack and the need to use deadly force maybe less likely. This applies to some men that may have small frames or inexperience in self defense. Sometimes emotion, compassion, and empathy are the things that can get you killed in this line of work as these traits let your guard down. I see this happen in my line of work everyday; when an officer lets their guard down and gets attacked or manipulated....
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  • Following, World Wide Web, circumstances.  Rape victims, issues. Integrating women, female officer also.

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