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WEEK 2 CHECKPOINT 2 - with multiple officers sergeants...

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1 2 2. CheckPoint: Organization of Police Department Personnel and Collaboration Activity 3 2 Resource : Introduction to Policing , organization chart provided by instructor 4 2 Due Date: Day 5 [ Individual ] forum 5 2 Review Introduction to Policing , pp. 62-72 0 2 Read the organization chart provided to you by your instructor; it must be of a 1 Police department that differs from your own. 6 2 Write 200- to 300-word response identifying the two major differences in the 7 Organization of personnel between the two departments. 8 9 2 Post this as an attachment. 10 It seems to me that in the organization of the Police Department personnel in our reading is all about rank. My local Department is Campbellsburg and it is such a small town that it doesn’t compare to that of other departments. Campbellsburg is a town of 700 residents with one local police officer. Most departments and the one in our text are much larger
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Unformatted text preview: with multiple officers, sergeants, lieutenants, and Captains. Our local city officer has his superiors in the County Police, not our city. The city of Campbellsburg does not have a Sergeant, lieutenant, or Captain although the County does. In fact Campbellsburg has a voting procedure for who the local officer will be. I find this different from what our text indicated about the civil service system and its method of hiring. This is supposed to protect against political influence in the hiring of government agencies, It seems that since we are such a small town civil service system isn’t enforced. Thirdly, there are not any non sworn civilian employees throughout Campbellsburg. The dispatch and 911 calls come in from the state police to the local officer when he is on duty, and when he is not a county or state officer assumes his duty....
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