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Much like our text shows, the Oldham County Police department also follows a chain of command which begins with the Chief of Police. Our force is smaller then that of an average force because we are a smaller community. The chain of command is to be followed in all circumstance. Each individual has a higher authority they must report to. Our text shows that under the chief of police would be the executive officer and then the assistant to the executive officer. In Oldham County however, there is not an executive officer but an Assistant to the Chief of Police followed by a Lieutenant. In Oldham Count y the Lieutenant would be the authority over operations. Within the chain of command, there are multiple administrative positions that focus on the clerical aspects of the
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Unformatted text preview: operation. The division of labor is broken up and shown in the organizational chart in our text as well as the chart I provided in the power point of Oldham County. The charts of both departments show how the Chain of Command is to be followed and who reports to who and what functions they perform. The chain of command is not to be broken or jumped, an Officer for example would report to their Sergeant, not go over their head and go to a Captain or Chief. The reasoning behind so many ranks of Superiors is to take all responsibility off the Chief or Captains and have individuals accountable for others of lower rank. You have to submit the Power Point Oldham County as well...
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