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WEEK 1 DQ 2 - and someone is needed to ensure the safety of...

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1 Discussion Question 2 2 Due Date: Day 4 [post to the Main forum] 3 Post your response to the following: Private security has not only become 4 more prominent in our society in the last few years, 5 but also more important. In what areas of your community has private security 6 become more prominent? This could be at an 7 airport, place of business, or where you live. How important is private security 8 in your community? How effective is private 9 security? What more could be or should be done? I think private security is an excellent crime deterrent. The police can not be everywhere,
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Unformatted text preview: and someone is needed to ensure the safety of the community. In my area a lot of hotels hire private security for night shifts. Theses individuals patrol the parking lot and ensure cars are safe and not broken into. I think this is important because it needs to be done but if we take police officers off the street its leaving other areas un protected. I think some gas stations could benefit from night security as well. It would decrease the amount robberys, and gas drive offs....
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