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1 Capstone Discussion Question 2 Due Date: Day 3 [ Main ] forum 3 Post your response to the following: Policing has profound impacts on the 4 communities to which it belongs. Discuss the positive and negative impacts 5 of policing in your community. Provide specific examples to support your 6 discussion. Police tasks within the community such as tracking down criminals to social service volunteer work; police help maintain civil order on the local, state and federal levels. Most police impact on a community is positive - as it should be. There are however, negative impacts police have that can affect any community. A negative impact in policing that happens in others communites is when police react to a situation versus responding to it. When a person reacts they are usually not thinking of long-term consequences to their careers or the department's reputation with the public. For example, if a police officer was charged with unlawfully throwing a quadriplegic out of his wheelchair and allowing his face to hit the floor. She was
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