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WK 7 DQ 1 - the evidence and statements as they are not...

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1 Discussion Question 1 2 Due Date: Day 2 [ Main ] forum 3 Post your response to the following: Describe the three traditional methods of 4 police operations. In your opinion, are these 5 methods effective? Explain your answer. The three traditional methods of doing police work are: random routine patrol, rapid response to calls by citizens to 911, and retroactive investigation of past crimes by detectives. Random Routine patrol allows the community to see and interact with the community, therefore establishing a communication between community and police. This communication will allow citizens to report crime, and help law enforcement in their duties. Routine patrols also establish a proactive stance on preventing crime instead of a reactive approach. Rapid response to calls by citizens to 911 saves lives and helps in catching the suspect in criminal activity. The quick response may also prevent further injury to victims, further destruction to property and will allow first responders to start collecting
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Unformatted text preview: the evidence and statements as they are not influenced or tampered with. Retroactive investigation of past crimes by detectives in my opinion is three fold. First the investigational techniques and the information associated with crimes change over time. An example is the current burn patterns in arson cases. What investigators were told was consistence with intentional arson is now being excused for accidental fires. Second the ability for fresh eyes to review a case may find something that an investigator missed because they were looking at the case so much that the evidence was dismissed as normal or explainable. Third reason is due to advancing technology. Kentucky has passed a law that all felons are required to submit to DNA testing and placed in the database. Several thousand cases have been solved due to technology, therefore closing cases and allowing the victim and their families to have some piece of mind....
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