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WK 4 DQ 1 - bile returns to the liver so it boils down to...

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When you pour oil into a glass of water it does not mix at all, in fact it actually separates and you can see one substance on top of the other substance. When it comes to the body, lipids move around when bile that gets secreted from the gallbladder breaks down fats into smaller particles. The small particles that are broken down are called enzymes, and the even smaller particles are called micelles and they ass to the absorption of lipids. Once the digested lipids get absorbed, the
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Unformatted text preview: bile returns to the liver, so it boils down to lipids making their way through the body by the production of bile. As far as being stored in the body, lipids are like the glass of water that wont mix and absorb the oil. The lipids have to be formed into lipoproteins and then transported into the blood stream. Once the moving around begins, the lipids can be stored in the body in different ways such as cholesterol and energy that can be used immediately or even saved for later....
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