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WK 4 CKT - CheckPoint Protein Article Search According to...

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CheckPoint: Protein Article Search According to your text, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are needed for growth and the regulation of functions in the body. Use the University Library to find an article related to one of the following topics: o The role of protein in hormone and enzyme functions o How protein assists with immunity o The protein needs of an infant or toddler compared to an adult o The importance of protein in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance and pH balance o Amino acids and how they relate to athletics Write a 200- to 300-word summary of the article. Include appropriate APA citations for your findings. Post your response as an attachment to the Assignment link Checkpoint: Protein Article Search This article discussed how a toddler can be a very picky eater at times and often rejects foods such as meats that are high in proteins. A toddler is still growing and every cell of
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