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DQ #2: Think of some of your favorite foods when you were 10 years old. Are they still your favorites? Do you think you will be eating the same foods you eat today 20 years from now? What are some of the reasons dietary modifications may be needed in different life stages? Provide three examples to support your answer. My favorite food at 10 was macaroni and cheese; I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s ok to eat it with my meal occasionally at my age now. It contains more carbohydrates then I should be consuming, but like I said “occasionally” is fine not like when I was ten and could eat it daily. Standard Mac and cheese generally contains 450 calories or more, and my health plan says I should consume no more than 2200 daily, 450 on just some Mac and cheese seems like a waste to me. .. haha. Today, I eat pretty much whatever I want to an extent, I don’t over indulge in anything. No, I don’t think k I will
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Unformatted text preview: have the same diet as I age, your body ages with you. Older people need more liquids and calcium to maintain bone health, so as I age my diet would need to incorporate that. Today I dont really pay much attention to what I eat. Im 28 and not too fat, not too skinny, I eat when I eat. Im sure I could stand to lose some weight but its not something I put much effort into. I recently found out that as you age, you lose your ability to produce stomach acid and that interferes with the ability to absorb some nutrients, older peoples diets should reflect these changes as well as the calcium for bones maintenance. As you age, your taste buds change as well, the older you get the salty and sweet taste sensations decline. This can cause you to like things more richly seasoned then you did 20 years prior....
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