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DQ #1: What are some of the ways these two digestive problems can be remedied or relieved? Do you think home remedies might work better than some of the suggested treatment methods you have read about? Why or why not? Explain your answer, including appropriate APA citations from your database search. Some home remedies I feel that would probably work better then over the counter medications are drinking at least six 8-ounce glasses of fluid per day. Fruit juice without pulp, broth, or soda (without caffeine). Chicken broth (without the fat), tea with honey, and sports drinks are also good choices. Instead of drinking liquids with your meals, drink liquids between
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Unformatted text preview: meals. Drink small amounts of fluids frequently. I feel that a common issue such as diarrhea isn’t necessary to go to the doctor or even use over the counter medications it’s something that just runs its course. I also feel that home remedies are better than taking medication for a common issue such as constipation. Drink two to four extra glasses of water a day, Try warm liquids, Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Eat prunes and/or bran cereal. I’m just the type of person who doesn’t like to take medication unless absolutely necessary and things like occasional diarrhea or constipation are easily enough fixed and even prevented....
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