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Week 9 mandys final - Personalized Nutrition and Exercise...

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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Daniel W. King
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I do not at this time have any real health or nutritional issues. I can foresee possible diabetes in my future because several older members of my family have it. This is an issue that will require specific meal and nutritional plans that I cannot break from. It is something that I have watched my family go through and feel I may be able to deal with it with some knowledge. Insulin is the first think you need to know about when dealing with any type of diabetes. Insulin is a particular hormone that alters the metabolism of your body. Insulin is what causes cells that are found in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood. Now if insulin is low or absent in the body, glucose is not taken up by the body’s cells and the body begins to use fat as an energy source. Insulin injections are the method in which your insulin levels can be normalized. Insulin is secreted by groups of cells in the pancreas that are referred to as islet cells. Basically when you consume a meal, the body detects an increase in blood sugars and signals a release of insulin to absorb the glucose. If I do become diabetic, my first goal would be to achieve near normal blood glucose levels. To do this I would need to coordinate my calorie intake with insulin injections as well as exercise. Normal glucose levels are between 70 and 150mg for the average person. And being a diabetic you run the risk of danger in falling below 70 which is called hypoglycemia as well as running high which is called hyperglycemia.
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