Checkpoint reflection wk 9

Checkpoint reflection wk 9 - carbohydrates really opened my...

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Checkpoint Reflection on Nutrition Daniel King
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The assignment that I enjoyed the most in this class was the dehydration paper. I really enjoyed the research process and finding out so much I didn’t know. Dehydration is a term everyone knows, but I was surprised to find out the details involving it. I also enjoyed the pyramid tracker and finding out how many calories certain activities will burn. I think in terms of my life and my health the pyramid tracker has affected me the most. The class in general has made me more aware of what my eating and exercise habits are doing to me and giving me the knowledge to make changes. I enjoyed the class overall, it was very informative. The assignment on
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Unformatted text preview: carbohydrates really opened my eyes as to the differences of simple and complex carbs. I think this class was very educational to me, I have always known what carbohydrate were, but had no idea until this class the difference between simple and complex and what each did for the body. Lastly, I enjoyed the nutritional needs power point project. It was very interesting to see how nutritional needs changed from a pregnant woman, to a baby, to teen and then into adult and elderly years. I feel this class will assist me throughout my life in making better choices and being more aware of my choices....
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Checkpoint reflection wk 9 - carbohydrates really opened my...

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