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Which guidelines do you think are most important for formatting papers? One guideline that I believe would be important for formatting papers would be the templates option on Microsoft Office Word. To find the template option, you would go to the File menu at the stop of your screen and click on new. Once you have clicked on new a task pane will open up on the right side your screen which will have the templates option on it. You have 3 different options, you can choose to the Microsoft Office Online website, find a template on your computer, or find one on your websites. I believe that the best choice is the one where you go to the website, there you use various search tools to find the template you are looking for as they have various academic, research, and business templates. Another guideline that I believe is important would be the column feature. To make
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Unformatted text preview: columns on your paper you would go to Format at the top of the page, click on it and scroll down to columns. A separate window will appear on your screen giving you different options of columns that you could make to use on your paper. Which guidelines appears less important to the message of a business document but more important to the message of an academic paper? I believe that the Format guideline would apply more to academic documents more then it would to business documents. Using the format option you are able to better format your document for an academic environment, you can use columns, paragraphs, and bullets and numbering just to name a few. I believe that formatting would help you more in an academic environment. In business your tone is more important as you can use a standard format. Jeremy Moore...
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