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A writer that I have rapport with would J.K. Rowling, having kids I don’t have much time to read anymore, but after seeing the movies and watching them, I decided to try and read the books and was so glad that I did, once I started, I couldn’t put them down and read the first 6 books in 5 days. The way that she wrote the book, I had a clear mental image in my mind, got lost in the words and could not for the life of me put the books down. A write with whom I felt little rapport would be Stephen King. I don’t know what
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Unformatted text preview: it is about his books I just for some reason cannot connect with them. To me his books tend to drag on and have too much information that seems useless and keeps drawing the reader away from the story. I feel that a writer should catch your attention and draw you in their world within the first few pages; that wanting to read more and more to see what happens, where you can relate to the characters and or to the plot or story to me would be the best way to build rapport with the reader. Jeremy Moore...
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