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dq 1 due day 2 week 5

dq 1 due day 2 week 5 - with us as I know she likes to...

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I remember when I got my orders for Fort Sill, OK, my wife was pregnant and she was trying to talk me into letting her sister stay with us for awhile, as she had just graduated from college with her Masters degree. Her argument was very persuasive as she told me that her sister could help her out around the house while I was at work or in the field; and that with her being pregnant and never having been away from her parents before that having her sister there would help her with adapting. I was skeptical about letting her stay
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Unformatted text preview: with us as I know she likes to “mooch” off of people, but my wife promised me and her sister promised me that she would pay her own way so the argument worked. A few months later I was proven right as her sister decided to join the military and never paid for anything the whole time that she lived us and she never did help my wife out with anything around house, even unpacking all of our household goods when they arrived. Jeremy Moore...
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