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dq 1 due day 2 week 7 - more by using visuals aids other...

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I believe that the best way to present information to an audience would a combination of visuals, handouts, graphs and charts, that way you cover all of your bases with your audience. After working in the medical field in the military and in the civilian world, I know all to well how boring a PowerPoint or slide show can be, but if you also use graphs, charts and handouts to keep the audience involved in the presentation, they will pay better attention and get more of the information being presented. Some people learn
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Unformatted text preview: more by using visuals aids, other with reading the information, and others by seeing the information on a graph or chart, if you incorporate a combination of all the, you reach out to all members of your audience. Another good way to present information is to keep it short and sweet; for example, too much or too little information and your audience may become bored and may not remember all of the information you presented. Jeremy Moore...
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