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dq 1 due week 5 day 4 - had ordered testing and explained...

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I listened to the Radio and Television Address to the American People: “Nuclear Testing and Disarmament”. I was not able to see his body language as it was an audio file, if I had to guess the Presidents body language based on his words I can picture him standing tall, his eyes boring a hole into the camera to let the audience know how serious he was. His tone and his words were very strong and clear, you could tell that he was being informative and at the same time persuasive, as he informed the American people why he
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Unformatted text preview: had ordered testing and explained where it would take place, and why it was taking place. He used logic and emotion in his speech, you can tell by the tone of his voice, and you could hear the emotion in his words as he spoke about the growing threat of Russia. I found it very persuasive, as the threat of nuclear weapons then and now remains a worldwide scare especially as some countries have nuclear capability. Jeremy Moore...
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