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online resources due day 7 week 2

online resources due day 7 week 2 - CWE document In...

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CWE document : In addition to WritePoint and Plagiarism checker the Center for Writing Excellence also provides other resources such as; Tutorials and Guides which gives examples, tips and guides to help you with all of the topics that are included such as the following: Grammar Tutorial, Plagiarism Tutorial, Samples, APA information, Thesis Generator, Essay Development, Resources for Speakers of other Languages, and Software Tutorials and Guides. The Center for Writing Excellence also provides you with a Knowledge Base/ FAQ’s, which is an online knowledge base where you can do searches for a question that you may have, you can search by using exact keyword match, exact word, all words, Boolean, and exact keyword match, it also has a FAQ section where you can look at frequently asked questions, a glossary, an e-mail support section, a contact us section and a System Status section. I feel that the two online resources that would be most useful to
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