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questions about formatting - The ways that the audience...

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What are the main formatting differences between the memo and the academic paper? The main formatting difference between the memo and the academic paper are the margins are different for both papers; the memo has a narrower margin. The academic paper also has more information and is more detailed, and both papers have a different size Font, neither of them is in Times New Roman Text; they are both typed in Arial Font. Both papers have a different purpose, audience and structure. In what ways do audience, purpose, tone, and structure affect the formatting of the memo and the paper
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Unformatted text preview: ? The ways that the audience, structure, purpose and tone affects the formatting of both a memo and an academic paper are pretty similar. In a memo you have a professional tone as you would in an academic paper; the structure would be different as you normally have more information about the purpose in an academic paper then you would in a memo. Your audience is different for both papers; a memo is normally a paper that you would send to a supervisor and an academic paper you would send to your instructor....
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