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week 3 dq 1 due day 2 week 3 - purpose audience and content...

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Business communication and Interpersonal communication have a variety of differences. With interpersonal communication my tone is more relaxed, I am much more likely to use slang when I talk, crack more jokes, and try to add some humor to the conversation. My audience would be more along the lines of friends, or family or fellow co-workers with interpersonal communication then it would be with business communication, for example, I might tell a friend, family member, or a co-worker a joke and the content of the conversation would more relaxed and open and the purpose of the conversation would not be in a professional manor but more open and relaxed then it would be in a business communication. With business communication my tone is more professional as is my
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Unformatted text preview: purpose, audience, and content. For example I would not use slang language or crack jokes or approach my boss just to tell him a joke, I would act more professional and think more about what I am going to say in a professional environment. When I was in the military I was good friends with a fellow soldier who happened to be my NCOIC, we both had kids that were the same age, when talking while we were at work I kept my professionalism and used good business communication, because even though we were friends, we were in professional environment, even when we had non-working related conversations I always talked in a professional tone, to try and keep my professionalism, because even though it was not work related we were in a professional work environment....
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