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week 7 checkpoint due day 5 week 7

week 7 checkpoint due day 5 week 7 - not look right I am...

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For my final project I decided on a cafeteria in the building for DigiFast and its employees and other building tenants. For my PowerPoint presentation I decided to go with the document design template titled “teamwork” as I want to try and get the teamwork concept across in my presentation, that when if we work together on this, that we both can profit from the cafeteria. For my slides I believe that I am going to use a combination of text-based slides and content-based slides, I believe that using both in my slide will help me to present more information in my business proposal to the committee, I also believe that it will look more like a business presentation versus an academic presentation. For the Font and colors, I am planning to use a variety of Font to go along with the different pictures I plan on including in my presentation but if it does
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Unformatted text preview: not look right I am going to go with a black colored Font, I am trying to keep my mind open to change while preparing my presentation. I will use the Times New Roman text with size 18 text for my headings. Black will be the color of text that I will use, my background color will depend upon the pictures that I include in my slides, I am still going through picture for my presentation, trying to decide which ones will best represent what I am looking for and will attract and keep my audiences interest. I plan on using some graphs in my presentation to represent costs and profits from this proposal, I believe that this will help my audience to better understand everything about the bottom line and the potential profit. Jeremy Moore...
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