351 critical essay

351 critical essay - Prof. Okey Iheduru Pos 351 –...

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Unformatted text preview: Prof. Okey Iheduru Pos 351 – Democratization Critical Essay The main theme in the novel Man of the People was corruption in forming a legitimate form of democracy. This book defines struggles in a post- colonial period in Nigeria roughly around the 1960s. Corruption in a society happened when officials take advantage of the situation for their own personal benefit. That is what Chief Nanja did in this novel being reviewed. Instead of A Man of the People he was actually the opposite of that. This novel is about a Nigeria and it process to form a legitimate nation. Odili Samalu has to run against his old teacher, which is Chief Nanja. This fictional story mainly deals with individuals seeking self-interests to get ahead. This novel has several themes that take place. I believe that one of the themes portrays the sense of power. The fear of losing that power exists mainly because it is like a high to many in power. The thought of running a nation and its people really sends some officials up the wall because they can essentially do whatever they want. Another theme is corruption in a state where it is t rying to modernize and create a better form of government, so...
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351 critical essay - Prof. Okey Iheduru Pos 351 –...

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