351 midtern questions

351 midtern questions - dis. 1. so many voices cause...

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what is the difference between wealth and democracy? - huntington - strong middle class - $6000k mark certain threshold - counter reation -> saudi arabia - wealth does not always pertain to democracy Stand still/stagnant vs. transitional democracy - democratic reversal of third wave - what makes it transitional - on their way to becoming - electoral democracies list 5 concerns why civil society is important for democracy 1. interest groups 2. voice - protects minority groups 3. accountability 4. informational role with people 5. moral line of what they will allow the govt to do (helps citizens articulate in society) list 3 merits and 2 demerits in the PR system adv 1. encourages more then one party 2. voice 3. sharpen ideologies (platform) (manifesto)
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Unformatted text preview: dis. 1. so many voices cause gridlock 2. fluster extremist groups 3. political instability (govt can fall on vote of no contest) what are the 3 characteristics of push factors? 1. unprecedented economic growth 2. rule of the catholic church 3. authoritarian regimes crisis List 3 requisites for democracy and 2 arguments against them. examples India(wealth is not necessarily) 1. modernization and wealth 2. strong middle class 3. list 5 major ideological threats to democracy list 5 elements of democracy consolidation 1. crisis within a non-democratic regime 2. role of external actors 3. elite pacts 4. civil society 5. free and independent media...
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351 midtern questions - dis. 1. so many voices cause...

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