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351 week 3 dis.

351 week 3 dis. - Democracies are most likely to rise in...

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Democracies are most likely to rise in countries with a per capita GDP greater than $6,000 U.S. Also countries with a capitalist style economy are more likely to foster democratic tendencies than socialist or Marxist systems. Socially those countries that have a protestant western style community were the first countries to become democratic and have had the least likely incidence of backsliding. These are the conditions that are the most favorable for a democracy to emerge but even in countries without these "perfect" conditions democracy has found a home. This can be achieved by a domino effect as a neighboring country becomes democratic it influences the neighboring countries. When authoritarian or single man dictators die, the political reorginization may lead to democracy. It is difficult to foretell which countries, particularly in the third world, may become democratic in the future there is no region or culture that you can say with conviction that will never see democracy. There are multiple conditions that favor the rise of democracy. The first is
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