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dis week 11 - 4 In Kashmir their civil liberties improved...

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Question: List FIVE positive developments and FIVE negative or worrying setbacks identified in the picture of global freedom as measured by Freedom in the World 2008, Freedom Houses annual survey of political rights and civil liberties. 5 Positive 1. Denmark has made several arrests due to terrorist activity in the country in 2007. 2. Political rights in Sierra Leone improved because there was a relatively peaceful holding of free and fair elections, a peaceful transfer of power to the opposition, and because of the independent and thorough job done by the National Electoral Commission. 3. In Thailand, political rights improved because of the resumption of limited political activity and the holding of a legislative election. 4.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. In Kashmir their civil liberties improved due to withdrawal of troops. 5. Political rights in Mozambique improved due to an opening of the media environment 5 Negative 1. Afghanistan has had a downward trend because of security issues, which didn’t let civil society function freely. 2. Bangladesh declined due to military backed replacement, and the suspension of elections. 3. Political rights in Bosnia declined because of more interventionist involvement by the internationally appointed High Representative. 4. Political rights in Latvia due to several corruption-related scandals involving high-level government officials. 5. Civil liberties in Malawi declined due to the government harassment of the judiciary....
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