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Question 1: “Democracy promotion by external actors is a bad idea. The United States should just jettison this plank of its foreign policy.” Why do you agree or disagree with this statement?. The promotion of democracy by external actors can have some effectiveness depending on a certain state. I disagree with this statement because in some states they depend on getting aid and if these external actors were not there, it would have a major effect on these areas. Forcing democracy should not be done because the citizens must want it. If democracy is forced on a state it will not last long. This question could go both ways because its different for every state. Democracy promotion is not a bad idea, when done correctly. A country can lead by example or helping other countries when asked to participate and by respecting and recognizing the candidates that the people vote for and the type of democracy that they wish to have. However, the use of force to spread democracy is another issue. This should not be done. In order for a democracy to
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