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dis. week 14

dis. week 14 - on and they both can work together if there...

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Question: “Unless the military is somehow integrated in the political process, the prospects for democracy in Africa and Asia will always be dim.” Do you agree or disagree, and why? With the question, I do believe that unless the military is integrated in the political process democracy will be hard to attain in Africa and Asia. With the integration of both military and state it would largely show the legitimacy towards theses countries. Also if the military is not integrated they do not have to listen to what the government needs. If it were integrated then the military will be held accountable for what the government is asking. With both working together I believe there will be less internal problems to focus
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Unformatted text preview: on and they both can work together if there ever was an external problems that need force. I completely agree that until the military is integrated into the process, democracy has a slim chance of survival in Asia and Africa because a detached military is very easy for an authoritarian leader to gain control of and man. Also, the legitimate, democratically elected government would need to be protected from threats to the newly formed government and if the military is not accountable or answerable to said government, there is no reason for them to follow government mandates or orders. Having the threat of use of force is essential for democratic governments in hostile regions....
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