POS 351 Democratization

POS 351 Democratization - POS 351 Democratization Final...

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POS 351 Democratization Dr. Okey Iheduru Final Exam (Study Guide) Fall 2009 Instruction : Write short notes of no more than one page of the “Blue Book” for each item on FIVE of the following: (a)TWO arguments and CASES for and TWO arguments and CASES against the thesis that “more democracy increases economic freedom.” Against: Democracy is unable to reduce consumption in favor of investment Because of the economic growth suffers Democracy increase the pressure on the institutions Concerted state action is more difficult For: Democratic investment and basic human needs Is good for economic growth Provides a stable political environment and basis’s for economic pluralism Means that democracy is legitimate Strong state often a democratic state With Democracy the arguments for the democratization of nations would be more freedoms of the countries citizens which would lead to more creativity which will have a positive influence on the economic well being of that nation. The other argument why democracy is beneficial would be increased accountability in what the government does. Meaning the government would have to answer to the citizens of that nation for its actions this would be checks and balances which also enhances governmental legitimacy. There are some downsides to democracy one argument for which the process of the workings of the government can be very inefficient like the passing of legislation has the ability to take multiple years in comparison to a dictatorship legislation could be passed that same day. Another downside to democracy would be the complexity of the system itself the ways democracies are structured are very complex and confusing for people to grasp 100
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POS 351 Democratization - POS 351 Democratization Final...

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