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EE450 Midterm exam guidelines 1) The midterm exams will be on Thursday March 11 . There are 4 exams based on location and time, however they are all identical; have the same set of questions. The duration of the exam will be at least 90 minutes and at most 110 minutes . the exams are identical, i.e., they have the same exact set of questions. Exam Start Time Location 1 2:00pm VKC 156 2 2:00pm MHP 106 3 3:30pm THH 201 4 Set by DEN Arranged by DEN Exam Who should take the exam? 1 Students in section 2:00-3:20pm: last name starting with ‘A’ to ‘L’ 2 Students in section 2:00-3:20pm: last name starting with ‘M’ to ‘Z’ 3 Students in section 3:30-4:50pm 4 Remote students only 2) You need to let me know if you cannot attend the exam you are assigned to. 3) You need to bring your student ID. 4) Since midterm exams are identical and to make the exam fair to all, no one in exams 1 and 2 can leave the session before 3:30pm even if he/she finishes the exam early. 5)
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