1-15-2009- IR 305- Terrorism

1-15-2009- IR 305- Terrorism - Terrorism and Political...

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Terrorism and Political Violence -Last 9 yrs, war against terrorism or terror. -War against terrorism- war aimed at stopping tactic, terror- war against emotion. -Language important. -War against terror- more scary. -Terrorism not new- history evolved from evolution of state. -Gains power from nation-state. -Taking force and recycling against opponent. -Terrorism of decolonization (mid-20th century)- legitimite? -Anti-colonial struggles- little violence as opposed to colonial masters- justified in pursuit of terrorism. -After awhile, no longer seen as legitimite. -1) media increasingly exposed images of peoples being killed in far off places -Emotional, political effects. -Response to violence important/goal. -Targeted assasinations moved on towards attacks, indiscriminate on citizens as proxies. -1972 Munich attacks- forced cause into homes of 500,000 people. -Global scale, living rooms. -2) Development linking of state and terrorism, eroded, proxy orgs -Why use traditional wars when you can use terrorism 3) Getting ground bc successful (terrorism) 4) Linked to more lethal methods after awhile, fewer yet more destructive -Airplanes- Lockerbie, Scotland. -Scale or magnitude increased by late 20th century -Not easily definable term, not agreed upon, bc terrorism tended to be matter of perception. -One mans terrorist anothers freedom fighter. -Doesnt mean we cant specify characteristics. -ALways politial in nature, commission of outrageous acts to precipate change, rooted in justice or at least someones conception of justice. -Justice at root. -9/11- nihilistic? But Osama bin laden clearly articulated goals -Acheived goal- no U.S forces in Mecca and Medina. -Terrorism distinguished by non-state character. -Even if given support by states. -State use of terror- intl norms, laws. -Terrorists no interest in laws. -Random quality of terrorist attacks inspires fear or terror. -Plane attacks- hence metal detectors. -Explosives- improved testing for bombs.
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1-15-2009- IR 305- Terrorism - Terrorism and Political...

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