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WTO Dispute Settlement System

WTO Dispute Settlement System - within"reasonable...

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1 T h e W T O Disput e S e ttle m e nt Pro c e ss Consultations 60 days Panel Established by Dispute Settlement Body Panel Examination Two Written Submissions Two meetings with parties Third party participation Up to 9 months Interim Review Stage Descriptive part of report sent Interim Report sent to to parties for comments parties for comments Panel report issued to parties Panel report circulated to DSB DSB adopts panel report (as modified by Appellate report, if any) Voluntary implementation Report by the losing party of the proposed implementation
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Unformatted text preview: within "reasonable period of time" Compensation In cases of non-implementation, parties negotiate compensation pending full implementation Retaliation In cases of no agreement on compensation, DSB authorizes retaliation pending full implementation Possibility of arbitration on level of suspension Possibility of referral to implementation panel under Article 21.5 Appellate Review of legal findings 60-90 days Upon request review meeting with panel Consult with Experts During all stages, can request good offices, conciliation or mediation...
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