Arguments for Positive

Arguments for Positive - *World Bank and IMF Criticisms 1...

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** World Bank and IMF Criticisms: 1) Dominated by G7 with little say of developing and less-developed countries. - While US and other G7 do have a heavy influence, this is only on account of their large contributions to the BW institutions. However, developing countries do receive special provisions/benefits not afforded to developed countries such as longer transitional periods and GSPs. 2) Imposed Washington consensus structural adjustment programs on countries. - When countries undertake Washington consensus reforms they are typically facing a balance of payments crisis. So obviously their current system is in some way lacking. IMF demands these fundamental macroeconomic and institutional reforms to remove the causes of the payments imbalance. Time proven reforms. 3) Many infrastructural projects funded (hydroelectric dam) have no concern for indians displaced, negative effects of projects. - Taking a look at the website will show you that each year the World Bank and IMF distribute many loans and invest in many projects. IMF alone invested $58 billion into developing nations in 2008. 4) Undermine sovereignty of state
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  • Spring '07
  • World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, -Many developing countries, Washington consensus reforms

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Arguments for Positive - *World Bank and IMF Criticisms 1...

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