1) GENOCIDE ESSAY PLAN - GENOCIDE IR 305 * 'Genocide is as...

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GENOCIDE IR 305 * ' Genocide is as old as history.' Discuss. (2009) *Was the 20th century especially genocidal? (2008) * Explain the main motivations behind genocide. (2006) * 'Genocide is as old as history'. (2005) * Are there any general explanations for genocide or should each genocidal act be discussed on its own terms? (2003) * 'Genocide is likely to be as much a crime of the 21st century as in the twentieth'. Discuss. (2002) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION OF GENOCIDE -term originally coined by Raphael Lempkin (1944) -Until World War II, the phenomenon of genocide was a "crime without a name" in the words of British PM Winston Churchill. -Most episodes of genocide from 1960-65--- 9 during decolonization -During typical year during the last four decades, six different episodes of genocide have been ongoing; between 50-100 million perished in 20th century alone. I) Genocide Convention ( December 1948) : -acts "committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group" -Minimalist- while includes communal groups, excludes political groups. -Using UN established definition, excludes: -mid-1960s massacres by Indonesia of 87,000 victims labelled as communists -20% of population killed by Khmer Rouge in Cambodia (1975-1978) II) Chalk and Jonassohn (1997): broader, more encompassing definition put forth. -"one-sided mass killing in which a state or authority intends to destroy a group"
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1) GENOCIDE ESSAY PLAN - GENOCIDE IR 305 * 'Genocide is as...

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