Notes Ir 305 last essay - Chris Coker - Insecurity and...

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Chris Coker - Insecurity and Globalisation -Security community came to globalisation quite late in the day. -It was not until 22 days into the Kosovo war that a major Western leader acknowledged that globalisation had a security dimension. (12) -Fragmentation of identitiy, especially national identitiy, under the impact of globalistion- new wars = kaldor (13) -Globalization has implications for all spheres of social existence: the economic, the political, and even for the military. In all 3, it ties local life to global structures, processes, and events. -Every aspect of social reality is simultaneously undergoing globalisation. Witness the emergence of a world economy, a cosmopolitican culture, and the rise of international social movements. This global interconnectedness runs much deeper than the interdependence of states discussed in the 1950s. (19) - Intl Crime One of the most striing examples is international crime (19). Today organized crime is now transnational: all the main sydicates or cartels operate and are structured internationally. And their other activities exacerbate other global problems. They sustain intl terrorist movements; involved in smuggling of uranium, facilitates the dissemination of WMDs (Iraq guy); and they are deeply involved in the illegal trafficking of people. (19). -Main challenge to states come not from other states but from nonstate actos. -Globalisation as a provess that transforms without eradicating the institutions and features of the political landscape. - Impact of globalisation unequal- greater in norht than south. -It is the poor who resort to war; "entrepreneurial misery" (crime) (24-25) -New wars (25-26) -War is no longer an "act of will" (in Clausewitz) so much as an acitivty directed against those who have turned war into crime. -Ex. Noriega, Aideed, Haiti, Kosovo (31)
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Notes Ir 305 last essay - Chris Coker - Insecurity and...

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