IR 305- Lecture Week 15

IR 305- Lecture Week 15 - LECTURE IR 305 End of War-War is...

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LECTURE: IR 305: End of War? -War is, has iron grip on society, human imagination, self-repricating pattern of behavior, strongest cultural activity of all. -Self-repricating nature of war- yugoslavia- Serbian, could snipe citizens in Sarajevo for money; ultimate human safari, people just wanted experience of just fighting in the war. -Some people want to do it, and they continue to do it indefinately, interstate war, between major powers coming to an end. -In the 3rd World, war degenerating into warfare, microviolence, crime, war coming to end even in this sense. -We are entering new era of cultural grammar of war- cyberspace, fighting war with robots rather than other human beings. end of Clauseqitzian model of war. -INTERSTATE WAR -War btwn major powers no longer possible, popular since early 19th century. -William james- moral equivalent of war (book), pacifist who loved what war produced, stories war produced, nothing else but war produces sacrifice and heroism. -Sports doesnt matter- war does matter it has consequences, william james would say that we havent found a moral equivalent of war. -James- War coming to an end, becoming nonprofitable, becoming embarassing and vulgar. -War would come to an end when it became vulgar. -Oscar Wilde- when war become vulgar it comes to an end, war hasnt become vulgar yet though. -Industrial Revolution -Norman Angel- 1911- predicted that war didnt pay -Wasnt saying wouldnt be wars, just saying that war isnt better off. -But the US did better from war in early years, only came out of Great Depression with WWII. -US no longer making money out of war (Iraq), thats a fact -James- war becoming embarassing because cultures just declare wars on each other, havent since 1945. -Ministries of War now ministries of defense- we are preventing war now. -Why were these writers wrong (WWI)? -The state itself has changed, territorial states need territory from war, need space for population, ideological space (cold war- first world, second- communism, third world)- today different kind of state- states that dont need territory, enrich by producing economic networks, war is bad for the network, disrupts these networks, it is the state system that has changed, -Ulrich Beck (Risk)- we now have states that are strucuturally unfit for war (Darwinian
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IR 305- Lecture Week 15 - LECTURE IR 305 End of War-War is...

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