Quiz 1 - . Avoidance, Transference, Mitigation, Acceptance...

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Disaster Recovery Quiz 1 1. Objects, persons, or other entities that pose a potential risk of loss to an asset are called. . Threats 2. Name the three critical elements of the C.I.A. triangle. . Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability 3. A targeted solution to misuse a specific vulnerability is called. . Exploit 4. Name the two basic components of risk management. . Risk identification, Risk control 5. The process of assigning a risk rating or score to an information asset is called. . Risk Assesment 6. The risk that remains after a control has been applied is called. . Residual Risk 7. Name the four basic risk control strategies.
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Unformatted text preview: . Avoidance, Transference, Mitigation, Acceptance 8. Which part of the contingency plan provides detailed scenarios of the potential impact of each type of attack. . Business Impact Analysis 9. The (Incident Response Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan) details the steps to be taken when an attack or incident is in process. . Disaster Recovery Quiz 1 Incident Response Plan 10. A ____ is an organizational law that dictates acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and defines the penalties for violations. Policies...
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Quiz 1 - . Avoidance, Transference, Mitigation, Acceptance...

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