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Key Terms ECA256 Attack scenario ( attack profile ): depicts the methodology, indicators of the attack, and the broad consequences Attach scenario end case : estimates the best, worst, and most likely outcomes of a specific attach Business Impact Analysis (BIA) : an investigation and assessment of the impact of various types of attacks Champion : a high-level manager with influence and resources who provides the strategic vision for the contingency planning process Contingency Planning Management Team (CPMT) : a group of individuals responsible for writing the contingency plan document, conducting the BIA, and organizing subordinate teams Contingency Planning Policy
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Unformatted text preview: : statement of intent and scope that establishes responsibility for development and operations of the CPMT Community of interest : a group of individuals united by their shared interests or values within the organization Recovery point objective (RPO) : the point in time to which systems and data must be recovered Recovery time objective (RTO) : the period of time within which functionality must be recovered Subordinate plan : a plan that deals with the aftermath of an attack Weighted analysis table : a table of items that have been prioritized and optionally assigned values to represent the priority of the item...
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