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Article Review - pertaining to this article are The medical...

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Jacob Zipperstein 4/13/10 Article Review This article would be implemented into the section of “Violence” for the reason that it has to do with physical abuse towards woman. I believe that Violence is the most important issue covered in Public Health 116 because, as shown in many of the presentations, not enough students are well educated on the topic of violence. Schools need to designate more time and money to preventing violence. This article greatly reinforces the consequences of physical abuse as well as discusses the emotional distress that entails to the victims. PTSD, a well known psychiatric disorder, is heavily talked about and students would be further educated on the implications of these psychiatric disorders. Many intense factual statistics are presented in this article, further acknowledging the importance that this aspect of women’s violence needs to be educated to students in order for these statistics to hopefully decline. Some interesting facts
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Unformatted text preview: pertaining to this article are: The medical cost for physically abused women is between $5 billion and $67 billion annually and teenage girls are more likely to be raped or assaulted 13 times more than teenage boys. The pictures in this article provide physical evidence, that when looked upon, reaches to the pathos of the students. Alongside reading the article, the students will be able to witness the results of the beatings – something that greatly reinforces the message. The fact that this article discusses the emotional as well as physical consequences of beatings, and does it in a few amounts of pages, further suggests that this article would be great for next year’s reader. Mellman, Lisa. “The Consequences of Violence Against Women.” Scientific America. April 1998. Jacob Zipperstein 4/13/10...
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