First essa2y - Time

First essa2y - Time - We have talked about time and space...

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We have talked about time and space in DANISH DREAMS: how is time perceived? You can go into depth with one character/environment from one chapter or you can compare and contrast between two different characters/environments. (The first four chapters) Make it in the same tense!! In The History of Danish Dreams , Peter Høeg cleverly explores the mysteries of time. Danish Dreams is not a factual novel – it does not depict any actually events that occurred throughout the history of Denmark (apart from the occasional prominent historical figure). It is, however, an authentic novel – one that brilliantly underscores that time is always relative. Høeg deliberately avoids pinpointing a true meaning to time; instead, he shows – through the Count, the Old Lady, Anna, and the common folk – that each individual perceives time differently. (Say something about sscience!) The History of Danish Dreams begins with three simple chapters introducing us to the main protagonists. In the first chapter, we encounter a man who calls himself “The Count.” The Count deals with science and the measurement of certain things. It is an extraordinary aspect about this world that by simply measuring an objects phenomenon, we can analyze with confident accuracy its outcome. However, there are numerous limitations to this profound ability of ours. Obviously, there are the
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literal limitations (i.e. the accuracy of the measurement as well as the precision of the tools being used), but there are also the figurative limitations. These limits are not in our control. In simpler words, we can gather and process specific information regarding an object, but our broader knowledge as well as the actual object remains alienated from us. Just as any object is unfamiliar in its entirety, so too is time. One could measure time by movements, events, changes or however they see fit. The truth is, each person measures time differently. In the Counts frustration of remaining without
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First essa2y - Time - We have talked about time and space...

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