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First essa4y - Time - 1 Jacob Zipperstein 2 2/16/10...

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Jacob Zipperstein 2/16/10 2 Timeless Dreams In The History of Danish Dreams , Peter Høeg cleverly explores the mysteries surrounding time. Danish Dreams is not a factual novel – it does not depict any actual events that occurred throughout the history of Denmark (apart from the occasional prominent historical figure). It is, however, an authentic novel – one that brilliantly underscores the idea that time is always relative. Høeg deliberately avoids pinpointing a true meaning to time; instead, he shows – through the Count, the Old Lady, Anna, and the Common Folk – that each individual perceives time differently. The History of Danish Dreams begins with three simple chapters introducing us to the main protagonists. In the first chapter, we encounter a man who calls himself “The Count.” The Count deals with science and the measurement of certain things – his goal being to locate the center of the Earth. Frustrated upon only finding shit while digging, he “[gives] the order for the building of the wall to begin and for Mørkhøj’s clocks to be stopped” (pg 8). Whether or not the Count has the supernatural ability to suspend time is 1
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irrelevant; the question at hand is how do the villagers (including Carl Laurids and the Steward) perceive this phenomenon? Do they truly believe that just because the clocks stopped ticking that time itself has stopped, or do they fear the Count and are content in there isolated community that they pretend time in fact ceased to exist. The answer to our uncertainty comes shortly after the Steward passes away. It becomes evident that most individuals inside the walls do sincerely believe that the Count has stopped time. While the Steward has clearly died, and nothing can be heard from him except the occasional “faint whistling of the wind in
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First essa4y - Time - 1 Jacob Zipperstein 2 2/16/10...

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