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Thesis: In the History of Danish Dreams, Peter Høeg brilliantly analyzes the idea of fate and free will by using the relationships between his parent and child protagonists. This theme becomes evident through Thorvald and Anna, Amalie and Carsten, and Anna and Maria. Outline: First paragraph - Thorvald Bak and Anna o How thorvald locked anna in cage o How thorvald tried to determine Anna’s fate o How anna was determined to be the chosen one o How anna grew up to be completely different Second Paragraph - Amalie and Carsten o How Amalie wanted Carsten to be a lawyer o How Carsten would sneak away, oblivious to Amalie o How Amalie locked Carsten in their house o Tries to creates Carsten’s destiny (i.e lawyer) o Amalie always needed to know where Carsten was o Change in Generation because Cristoffer didn’t care were Amalie was
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