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thesis and outline - I Intro/Thesis a Look above II First...

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Jacob Zipperstein 2/10/10 1. TIME AND SPACE We have talked about time and space in DANISH DREAMS: how is time perceived, how is space perceived? You can either examine this through certain characters or certain buildings/environments, and you can focus on only TIME or only SPACE, or both. You can go into depth with one character/environment from one chapter or you can compare and contrast between two different characters/environments. (The first four chapters) Thesis In Danish Dreams, Peter Hoeg ceverly explores the mystery that is Time. Through the use of his protagonists, he portrays that time is always relevant. However, his most persuasive argument is that time is perceived differently by each person. Outline
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Unformatted text preview: I) Intro/Thesis a. Look above II) First argument a. Carl Laurids i. How time stops with the count 1. Quote one pg 6 III)Second Argument a. The old Lady i. How the Old lady can control and predict the time 1. Quote on page 44 IV)Third Argument a. Anna i. How she as power to control time and alter space 1. i.e split into 2 people V) Fourth Argument a. Inter-relate the Old Lady and the Count i. How they each perceive time differently 1. Also, how what Anna is doing might not be real and that each individual might see it differently VI)Conclusion a. Time is everywhere and nowhere. It constricts us as well as sets us free. Time defines us. i. Make sure to relate back to The count, Anna, and the Old Lady...
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thesis and outline - I Intro/Thesis a Look above II First...

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