Fanon Abstract

Fanon Abstract - Jacob Zipperstein Part I. Cohesive,...

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Jacob Zipperstein Part I. Cohesive, Coherent Abstract In order to successfully portray his views of how the black man and language coincide, Fanon successfully uses writing techniques such as pathos, personal experiences, and unique, yet powerful tones. This enables him to depict the Antillean Negro as he grapples with the considerable task of his own perceived 'inferiority' while he struggles to become like the white man. Fanon starts off by sharing the journeys of inhabitants of Martinique, colonized by the French, as they make a trek to France and back. Once the Black man reaches the docks of Europe, he undoubtedly reaches a fork in the road. If he walks towards the right, he will be engulfed into the mainstream culture and romantic language of France. However, If he walks to the left, he will loop back to speaking the language that defines him, living in the culture that will get him nowhere in a White Man’s world. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to follow the road towards Europe. The Black man will always feel second-rate against the White man, and the White man will continuously talk down to him. Fanon constantly refers back to how the White man speaks to a Black man. The white man constantly lectures with a condescending tone towards the Negro he is conversing with. He degrades the Black man (whether or not he is consciously meaning to) by speaking to him as if he were speaking to an un-educated child. His patronizing manner, and leering responses, is what makes it humiliating for the Black man to speak
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Fanon Abstract - Jacob Zipperstein Part I. Cohesive,...

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