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Part I. Cohesive, Coherent Abstract Instructions: Write a one-page, single-spaced abstract of Fanon’s “The Negro and Language,” which is to say, his argument. The abstract should not only be cohesive and coherent (review the lesson on “Cohesion and Coherence” in the reader) but also substantively specific, attentive to the text’s argument itself—not anecdotal. Sentences should transition gracefully, logically, from one to the next, just as each paragraph should be topically specific, neither digressive nor redundant. Part II.
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Unformatted text preview: Etymology, Synonymy, Antinomy [Note: The Oxford English Dictionary and Webster’s Dictionary are accessible on-line (by proxy) through the UC,B library website. These sources are recommended, but do feel free to consult additional sources.] Instructions: Provide at least two definitions and the etymology of each of the following words: Argument To interpret Analysis Negro Casualty War Instructions: Provide five or more synonyms and at least two antonyms for each of the following words: Black White Male Female Ally Enemy...
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