Part 1 Apocolypse - -Will Martin Sheen’s mind become an obstacle that must be overcome in order to successfully carry out his mission Or will his

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Jacob Zipperstein Part 1 – Apocalypse Now What major theme(s) are represented in this film? Which ones interest you? - Racism - Becoming mentally insane as a result of the war - The fakeness of this war. The American Soldiers were not scared when fighting the Vietnam Soldiers, but they became frightened by the Tiger. Identify at least one scene that relates to your identified theme(s)? - The most interesting theme thus far would be the issues that war raises on the psyche. In one of the opening scenes, Martin Sheen is found to be smearing blood onto his face. Even while away from war, especially in the safety of his bedroom, the war still has a great impact upon the mind of the Captain. - Indirectly, we also see how the war has affected the Colonel that Martin Sheen is sent to terminate. He is becoming a rogue operative and not listening to orders. Write at least one question you want to explore related to the theme and this film.
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Unformatted text preview: -Will Martin Sheen’s mind become an obstacle that must be overcome in order to successfully carry out his mission? Or will his insanity make him a better soldier? Notes From Part 1:-Surfing got the Soldiers to agree to take the captain and his men to where they needed to go. -Surfing while the war was happening around them. Bombs were going off in the water.-Humorous aspect when there was the stealing of the surfboard.-The word “Murder” does not exist in war.-The soldier was playing with the child as if he were playing with a pet-The colonel was showing them that this war was just a game-The death cards-“The great smell of napalm in the morning”-Killing Vietnam people is just a game. The American Soldiers can’t get hurt. They can, however, get hurt from the Tiger. -The Captain as asked to kill an American. Because he “Murdered” someone....
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