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Part 2 Apocolypse Now

Part 2 Apocolypse Now - Jacob Zipperstein Part 2 Apocalypse...

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Jacob Zipperstein Part 2 – Apocalypse Now What major theme(s) are represented in this film? Which ones interest you? - Racism - Becoming mentally insane as a result of the war - Not concerned for the well-being of the Vietnamese Civilians - American Soldiers entertainment (drugs, porn, etc.) Identify at least one scene that relates to your identified theme(s)? - The scene where the American Soldiers stopped the Vietnamese boat for a drug search was the most interesting scene to me. The American Soldiers immediately opened fire once the little child ran to the corner of the boat. This is expected because there was a sudden movement in the boat and the firing of one gun sets off a chain reaction for all of the soldiers to start firing. What was most surprising was when the Captain murdered the young girl at point blank. This represents their unconcern for the civilian’s safety. Instead of taking her to be treated, the captain committed murder. The word “murder” isn’t usually thrown around when speaking about war. However, blatantly killing a civilian of
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