Part 3 Apocolypse Now

Part 3 Apocolypse Now - Why did the Vietnamese children...

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Jacob Zipperstein Part 3 – Apocalypse Now What major theme(s) are represented in this film? Which ones interest you? - Racism - Becoming mentally insane as a result of the war - American Soldiers entertainment (drugs, porn, etc.) - The “Jungleness” of the Vietnamese children. - Escape Identify at least one scene that relates to your identified theme(s)? - I found the last scene where Colonel Kurtz died to be the most interesting. It was a silent scene which made it all that more intriguing. What had me thinking the most was why had they intertwined the death of their leader to the ceremonial sacrifice of a buffalo. Was Kurtz being sacrificed for the greater good? Was he being compared to that of nothing more than an animal for rebelling against the U.S government? - Write at least one question you want to explore related to the theme and this film.
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Unformatted text preview: - Why did the Vietnamese children laugh and play even when war and mayhem was occurring directly around them? Were they upset by the fact that an American took over their village? Notes From Part 2:-“They are his children.”-Lance was the most “chill” about war and that is why he was able to survive.-Chef’s head was placed onto Captains lap-You are just the messenger boy-“It’s judgment that defeats us”-Kurt’s tone while muttering his final voice is one of defeat. He finally recognized the horrific things that he has done.-“The horror….The horror”-“Horror, if not the friend, is an enemy to be feared”-The captain wasn’t even apart of the army.-All of the African American soldiers that were apart of the ship died....
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