Rhetoric punctuation - NAME Instructions Insert wherever you deem appropriate or necessary or useful punctuation marks and devices such that the

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: Instructions: Insert, wherever you deem appropriate or necessary or useful, punctuation marks and devices such that the passage makes sense to you, conveys the meaning of the passage most cogently and poignantly. Be sure to consider the use of any of the following punctuation marks or devices: semi-colon, colon, coma, period, exclamation point, question mark (parentheses)—dashes—CAPITALIZATION (of the first letter of a word or the entire word), italics , bold, underlining , “quotation marks,” paragraph break, indentation, and ellipsis marks… 1. While out walking one day in my region, which is southwestern France, a peaceable terrain of retired minor officials, I had occasion to read with a few hundred yards, on the doors of three villas, three different signs: Vicious Dog , Dangerous Dog, Watchdog . This region, evidently, has a very lively sense of property, but that is not of such interest as this: these three expressions constitute one and the same message: Do Not Enter (or you will be bitten). In other words, linguistics which is concerned only with messages, could say nothing about them but what is very...
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