Titration Lab Write-up Revised

Titration Lab Write-up Revised - GSI- Beck Determination of...

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GSI- Beck Jacob Ziperstein Determination of the Molarity of a Strong Acid Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to successfully perform titrations in order to figure out the concentration of a solution of diluted Hydrochloric acid (HCl). I performed three separate titrations, all of which were reasonably precise, but not accurate. My percent differences were 2.54%, 1.42%, and 1.17% respectively. The biggest source of error was that I unintentionally titrated too quickly, allowing too many milliliters of the HCl to be transferred to rapidly. The average between my three trials was .198 M of HCl. Introduction Titration is a technique that is commonly used when there is a solution of a known concentration, and one is trying to determine the concentration of an unknown solution. The known solution is called the titrate, and is added via a burette to a quantity of the analyte (the unknown solution) until the reaction is complete. In this particular lab, we conducted an Acid/Base titration, trying to find the neutralized balance between the two solutions. Knowing the specific volume of the added titrate allowed us to determine the exact concentration of the unknown solution. An indicator, in this case bromocresol green, is generally used to signal the end of the reaction, known as the end-point. (The diagram to the right shows the different colors bromocresol green turns to as pH increases. (4)). The end-point is also known as the equivalence point – when the moles of acid added equals the moles of base in the solution. While the process of titrating is occurring, the indicator will change colors. The color of the flask will change from blue to green to yellow as HCl is added. To determine
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Titration Lab Write-up Revised - GSI- Beck Determination of...

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