Acidic clearly allylic are stabilized why re sonance

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Unformatted text preview: idic! + Clearly: Allylic - are stabilized. · Why? Re sonance ! Why? Re CH 2 H 2 C CH 2 H 2 C CH 2 H 2 C S notation: Dotte line hort ds MO Picture of 2-Propenyl (Allyl) MO 3 p Orbitals Orbitals 3 Mole cular Orbitals of E H+ HNode Now le look again at e ne t’s the Re : Bonds m by ove call Bonds ade rlap orbitals. Le look again at H2. orbitals. t’s .+ H. H HH Bonding Antibonding H · H · +H H+ + H+ I n phase H+ + HOut of Out phase phase S of thewavefunction, ign Not charge ! H2 +H σ bond σ* E π* π σ CH2 CH2 π bond What happe to this picturewhe we ns n What inte with anothe p orbital? ract r Interactions of a singly occupied p-orbital -orbital with each of the π molecular orbitals 1) 1) I nte raction of thep atom orbital with the ic Inte π bonding orbital cause thep orbital le l s ve bonding t o m up and theπ bonding le l t o m ove up ve ove down. down I nte raction of thep atom orbital with the ic Inte π* antibonding orbital cause thep orbital s le l t o m down t o where it was ve ove down le originally and that of theπ* originally antibonding or...
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